Thursday, 25 August 2011

How to make links without increasing the google rating of somebody you don't want to give more credibility to.

Copied here from Making Light, because I didn't know where else to put it.

"Here's the zero-Googlejuice trick. Pretend the pointy brackets are carets.
Standard link: {a href="URL"}link text{/a}
Link with rollover text: {a href="URL" title="title text"}link text{/a}
Zero-Googlejuice link: {a href="URL" rel="nofollow"}link text{/a}
Zero-Googlejuice link with rollover text: {a href="URL" title="title text" rel="nofollow"}link text{/a}
We have our comment thread set up in such a way that any link posted within a comment automatically has rel="nofollow" inserted. It discourages spammers."

Thursday, 18 August 2011

The evil gin does

Hendrick's gin is truly evil. Anything that can be improved by the addition of cucumber has got a long way to go before it reaches positive numbers.

I seem to have trapped myself into writing a quest. So who has my MC got to fight? Better sleep on it.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

More thoughts on the rioting

I've been looking at the political stuff on my speed-dial. Except for the Morning Star, which was mysteriously unavailable, there was the same depressing confusion and antagonism towards the rioters. By all means criticise the riot, but, fellow lefties, remember these are the proletariat, the dispossessed, the damn├ęs de la terre!

Incredibly, this article in, of all things, the Daily Telegraph, has summed things up correctly.

And fellow Christians, WTFWJD? In 1923, when Anglo-Catholicism was probably at its strongest in the UK, Bishop Frank Weston famously exhorted:

"You have got your Mass, you have got your Altar, you have begun to get your Tabernacle. Now go out into the highways and hedges where not even the Bishops will try to hinder you. Go out and look for Jesus in the ragged, in the naked, in the oppressed and sweated, in those who have lost hope, in those who are struggling to make good. Look for Jesus. And when you see him, gird yourselves with his towel and try to wash their feet."

And, equally famously, quite a few A-C clergy went away saying to themselves, "No thanks, we'll just keep the Masses and the tabernacles."
I haven't seen any TV images of ++Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury visiting Tottenham, Clapham or Edmonton, or any other of our Church leaders out on the streets looking for Jesus. Quoting +Weston again, "You cannot claim to worship Jesus in the Tabernacle if you do not pity Jesus in the slum."

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Getting in touch with your inner fascist

The riots have certainly brought out the Daily Mail reader in so many people. Not only the politicians (did I hear The Macaroon say they were caused by a lack of indiscipline?) and the usual suspects. People who are usually on the left, or at least liberally inclined, have spouted right wing racist drivel. Some of it, I'm sad to say, from a member of my former Union. A knee-jerk reaction from someone who's perhaps not the sharpest button in the knife-jar, but still...

Meanwhile, this.

Among other predictable knee-jerk reactions from the predictable jerks are some disturbing suggestions from the PM. Interfering with social networking sites. "If you're old enough to commit the crime, you will be punished." So does he mean to lower the age of criminal responsibility to punish kids after they've been arrested?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to behave in folksongs - an occasional series

...inspired by this thread and comments on Making Light.

If you are about to go fight yon French and Spaniard, and your girlfriend begs you not to leave her thus, consider the possibility that her thusness may be the result of one of your recent visit together to yon green garden, and time your return accordingly.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Paul Woods: 1st June 1948 - 17th July 2011

I'm saving this url here for future reference (by me). It's on fb and I want to make sure I've still got it.
I wasn't able to get to the event celebrating Paul's life as I was in Bridlington, but I sang Nelson's Blood at Myke's Memorial Birthday Bash in Rotherham on Wednesday. The MC then followed it with the Vampire/Zombie version - "And we'll all hang upside down"!